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 Gu-am Heo Jun
Running time30 min
StarringJu-hyeok Kim, Jin-hee Park, Min Nam-gung, Yun-sik Baek, Eun-bin Park
DirectorGeun-hong Kim, Seong-chang Kwon
WriterWan-gyu Choi

Program Info

Renowned physician and author of "The Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine" (Donguibogam), Heo Jun comes to life on the small screen!

Born out of wedlock between a nobleman and a servant, Heo Jun faces trials and tribulations early in life, particularly those of social class divides. His life begins to change when he meets Yu Eui-tae and Ye-jin and officially dives into herbal and traditional medicine. Eventually, he overcomes the handicap of his social status and enters the royal clinic as a physician.

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