MBC Content Sales

MBC America is in charge of the distribution of broadcasting and publication rights of MBC content to the North, Central and South American regions as well as other businesses.

Our core businesses, both content-related and not, are the following:

* Selling program rights to terrestrial broadcasters, cable channels and other broadcast media
* Producing and distributing programs with multiple languages (Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese) subtitles or dubbed.
* Selling broadcasting/publication rights, remake and format rights
* TM publication rights
* Performances/events

MBC New Media Business

We strive to build strong relationships with our media partners, and one of our methods is to create new and exciting revenue streams through new media business.
Such partnerships include VOD services and IPTV provided through
mobile/tablet/Smart TV apps to capture the attention of our consumers.

If you are interested in pioneering various new media businesses that offer channels, content and home-shopping opportunities through the use of new media platforms such as website / mobile / Smart TV apps, please contact us.

MBC New Media Business

Nahee Kim

Director / Channel & Business

MBC Online Homeshopping Business

MBC America originally started as the home-shopping business “T-Shop” in January of 2009 with a very limited choice of items. Since then we’ve changed the name to “MBC America Shopping Store” and added a wide variety of new items to our inventory. The store has been a huge success and is currently a significant addition to our broadcasting station’s revenue stream.

Sohee Rhee

Manager / Homeshopping Business

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